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Alive, but moved.

September 22, 2009

Baby G arrived safely into the world May 12th.  He is perfect in every way.

We are all healthy and well, just busy.

I moved to another place, if you would like to follow me, please leave a comment and I will give you the new blog address.

Soaking up my children and feeling happier than one person should.

The End.

Our Big Girl

March 16, 2009

Last week, Bug moved into a big girl bed.  It is something we have been talking about doing for quite awhile and not something that came as a surprise to us at all, but it was a big thing.  Ever since we found out I was pregnant, I had 2 things I wanted to accomplish with Bug before the baby arrived.  Potty training and moving to a big bed.  It seems now that we have both checked off our list with still 11 weeks to go and that is a mighty good feeling, but I am still adjusting to the fact that i have a big girl now.  Last Saturday when we woke up we were not planning on taking down her crib and putting her in a big girl bed that day, but a change of events ended up making it happen quickly.  I remember standing in the kitchen at about 10:30 talking to Mr. G about it and we decided it was best to just do it immediately and suddenly I was crying because my sweet little girl had gotten out of her crib for the last time and I never even knew it when it was happening.  Part of me is grateful for that, but part of me wishes I had at least KNOWN it was the last time.  She did take a nap, and so you can believe that I soaked it all in then, but naps are still different than mornings.  I wasn’t sure how she would do in her bed and I didn’t know if that was the last morning I would wake to her singing in her room, happy until we came and got her.  I think it ended up being the best of  both worlds though, because I could remember that moment that she last got out of her crib, but I wasn’t crying getting her out cause I knew it was the last.  Bug has adjusted amazingly well to her big girl bed, she loves it and I think we did it at the perfect time.  She stays in her bed until we come and get her and she still serenades us with songs, probably even more so now that when she was in a crib.  And the bonus the we didn’t have with a crib?  Every time I go to get her up, she asks me to come and sleep with her and so I get to crawl into my girl’s bed and have  a few quiet minutes just laying with her until she gets wound up.  I really like that part.

So now we’ve done the things I wanted to do before the boy arrives.  I just didn’t realize how big my little girl would seem once they were done.  She wears underwear and talks and reasons with us and sleeps in a bed.  The only tiny part of babyhood I have left is her binky of which she is completely devoted to.  We’re gonna work on that, but for now, if she wants to sleep with that and I can peek in on her and see a small part of the baby I used to cuddle for hours, well then, that’s ok by me.

Third and last.

March 3, 2009

So today I enter my third and LAST trimester of this pregnancy with baby boy.  It seems unreal to me that I am here already; I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, the third trimester (right BEFORE you meet your baby!) was sooooooo far off that I would never ever get there. But here we are…… 13 weeks to go (unless he decides to come early of course).  I am so excited to be this far, and also starting to get a bit restless about the things that need to be done.  Some people look at me like “what do you mean stuff to do????  you have his room painted and the crib up, what more is there, and besides you have a long time to do it!!!”  But to me, this is NOT a long time to do things.  Yes, his room is painted and the crib is up, thank goodness for that, but the rest of his furniture still needs built ( we are building the rest instead of buying it) and until that is done, there is really nothing else I can do in there.  So I am at the mercy of Mr. G on that end.  But it’s not so much the baby stuff that needs done.  Sure, there are things that need bought (a lamp for his room, blinds and curtains, breast pump, clothes, a sling, and other various and sundry things) and then there is the hauling out of baby equipment and getting the covers washed and everything cleaned.  I won’t be doing that stuff until April probably though.  It is alot of around the house stuff that I want to do before he gets here that I am realizing I need to get working on.  You see, my plan is that March and part of April will be devoted to “non-baby” things (not that I won’t do baby related stuff to of course) such as cleaning, organizing, purging, etc.  April is going to be finishing up baby boys’ stuff and getting as ready as possible so that I can leave May open to spend with Bug outside, at the park, etc.  In the midst of that I want to still plant my garden and get my yard in shape because heavens knows i won’t be doing it again until July!!!!!!  So in honor of March, here is my list of “goals” for the month.  Now I can find them all in one place and maybe try to actually work on some of them:

  1. clean out kitchen cabinets and get them organized.  This includes getting rid of junk I don’t use. 
  2. clean carpets in bug’s room, our room and downstairs.  plus the couches.  fun.
  3. clean our windows (and install some screens we have that have never been put in.  it’s just bugging me and now seems like as good a time as any to get it done.)
  4. clean out the toy cabinets for Bug, so she has organized stuff to play with once the boy comes
  5. label her toy cubbies with pictures and words to show her (and others) where her stuff goes when she’s done with it.  I’m hoping this cuts down on ME being the one who puts everything back where it belongs.
  6. work on Bug’s scrapbook (something that has needed done for  LOOOOOONG time and I would like to get it updated before the boy comes…..fat chance)
  7. clean clean clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. work on finding a few things to hang on the boy’s walls so his room isn’t bare
  9. do fun stuff with Bug….. art projects, take her to the children’s museum and play games

that’s it for now, but I’m sure it is a list that will never end for me…………… I’ll let you know how I”m doing. 


Still can’t believe I’m in my 3rd trimester.

Baby Lust List

February 24, 2009

I know you have all been on pins and needles just dying to find out what it is that I’m lusting after wanting for the boy that I didn’t have with Bug.  I know you’ve been hitting the refresh button over and over and sending me telepathic messages about this post….. belive me, I know.  Well, you are in luck right now, internets.  I have spent the day watching 2 of our friend’s kids (who also spent the night) meaning that I got NO sleep, have been refereeing all day and am now on the couch with Bug (who also desperately needed some couch-potato time) while she watches Veggie Tales before bed and I am allowing myself some early internet time to recover.  Not to mention one of the kids I think permanently dislocated my hip (accidentally of course) and I am wondering if I will ever walk normally again.  For that one, I’m thinking the answer is probably no….or at least not until the boy passes through my ever-widening hips.  Anyways, back to our real agenda here…  I have found this 9 month pregnancy thing annoying in some ways and fun in others.  You may remember we found out about Bug only 15 days after we were activated with our agency adn were only given 3 days notice to bring her home.  This did not really allow for perusing of websites and baby merchandise taking time to weigh pros and cons of every item and decide what I really thought was worth it or not.  We ended up with everything we needed and more of course, but I just didn’t get that time to take my time about picking things out.  Of course now, this 9 month shindig feels like an ETERNITY and so I have pacified myself by going over everything we have and seeing if there are a few things I would like to add to our entourage of baby stuff.  I have found a few, not to worry.  Some things are because I will now have 2 kids instead of 1 and some are just things we didn’t have with Bug and I think would be great to have for our little man.  So in true bullet-style form, here are my lusts, as promised……

  • A sling is for sure at the VERRRRRRRY top of my list and the thing I dream of the most.  I want it for a few reasons.  For one, I think had I had one with Bug, I would have loved it, but we just never got one.  I love the idea of it and all the wonderful things you can do with one.  But most importantly, I think having 2 kids makes it go from a want to more on the brink of a need.  I think about things like taking Bug to the park.  With a sling, I can pop the boy into it and not have to worry about wheeling a stroller into the woodchips,  or wondering if some creep is going to take off with my child the second I have to help Bug with something.  There will be occasions where Bug will still use our stoller (zoo for instance) and I think that we may avoid taking 2 strollers some places if I can put him in a sling (or for instance at the grocery store when there are no carts with cars on the front).  So, I have done LOTS of research and looking and this quite the overwhelming thing to check out!  But I think I have narrowed it down to one I like and REALLLLLLLLLLLY want…… This one would be my pick kids.  I love the colors and actually like the reversed side that they don’t show too much in the pictures best.  Blue and green polka dots are masculine enough for our man, and ok that if we ever have another girl, she could wear it too…  By far my biggest desire.
  • I also am in need of a hooter hider.  Something we didn’t have or need with Bug because she was bottle fed, but I am planning on breastfeeding this guys and I know that  these babies don’t always choose the most discreet places to decide they need to eat.  Plus, my SIL had one and used it a TON, so I know it is a wise investment.  I don’t want to always be hiding out in a room or a bathroom stall, so another need, I feel.  Here’s my pick.
  • A breast pump is not really a glamorous item, but a bit of a necessity.  Again, not something I will use every day, but something I would like to have for if I need to leave, or when he starts cereal, etc.  I don’t need a high grade one, because I won’t be using it frequently, but want one that will do the job without pain and turmoil.  So far, this one seems to suit my needs the best.  Again, not exciting, but necessary.

To be honest, that is really the top stuff I have been dreaming of……… a bit of a disappointment huh?  Other than those big items, we are pretty set.  Fortunately for us, Bug’s equipment is in good condition, so we don’t need a car seat, swing, bouncy, high chair, or exersaucer.  The boy is in dire need of clothes, but I don’t figure that will be a problem, because after all, what new baby lacks an abundance of adorable clothes?  There are a few low ticket items we would like, a few more things for the nursery, some blue bath towels (our son would look fetching in pink ones, I”m sure), a hamper  and other various and sundry boy things, but other than that I think we’re good.  amazing.  We are just so excited for this little man to be making his entrance!  I know that I totally built this up to be a HUGE wishlist, but what can I say, I try to be practical!!!!!  Now at least I can shut up about it and move on to other things.

Pregnant chick’s nightmare…

February 21, 2009

We went to a friend’s for dinner last night and I took dessert.  I made this uber-yummy chocolate eclair cake that was about one of the most delicious things I have eaten in quite a while and fortunately for me, there was extra to take home!  2 pieces to be exact, one for me, one for Mr. G.  I decided to have mine for lunch today after eating a piece of garlic bread and leftover spaghetti sauce ( i know: score for a quality meal).  To my horror, as I am scooping my delicious piece of cake out of the pan and onto my plate (as my mouth is watering)………it falls upside down into the open container of spaghetti sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not sure what came out of my mouth at that point, but I’m sure it was not good.  I faced a real dilemma!  Do I scoop out the piece that fell and salvage it as much as I can, or do I throw it away and eat the other piece but leave Mr. G none?????  Can you guess what I did?  I scooped that bad boy out of the sauce, scraped all the tomato-y goo off that I could and wolfed.  That, my friends, is true sacrifice and love, for reals.  So to Mr. G, I say “you sure as heck better enjoy that last piece of cake, boy”.  Cause this pregnant chick performed a true act of love today….


*regularly scheduled baby lustlist post coming soon……..

Catching up

February 18, 2009

What?   You thought I gave up on all this blogging nonsense and just assumed I was shutting this place down????  I would never imagine what would have led you to those thoughts…..perhaps that it’s been ohh…. a YEAR since I posted?  Not to worry my friends, I am still here.  And my hips are in much better condition as well thank you.  What has been happening: Bug got sick, Mr G got sick,  Bug still sick, I got sick, Bug still sick, 3 trips to dr’s for Bug, an E.R.  visit for Bug, 3 different antibiotics for Bug, and now she’s better!!!!!!!  That seemed to take up about 2 1/2 weeks of my life and we are just now enjoying sick free, normal days again.  It’s amazing how when your little kiddo gets sick the world stops for you.  You just dig in and take care of your baby and when you look up, weeks have gone by.  Amazing. 


Other than that, things are well here.  I am finding myself in a big of a seasonal-hate moment though.  You see, I LOVE fall and spring.  Summer is ok, but I am not a huge fan of all the unbearable heat and humidity and winter is ok as well.  In fact, I would venture to say that I usually even “like” winter.  I love the snow, and there is nothing better than being warm and cozy in your house with your family when it’s cold and snowy out.  It’s just a good feeling.  I have always hated February, it is my least favorite month of the year by far, always has been.  It’s usually just because to me, it’s boring and long and dreary.  However, I am in an all out HATE WINTER phase.  I think there’s alot of things playing into the whole thing.  I am tired of the sickness…… There has been sickness in our home on and off all winter.  If it’s not Mr. G, it’s Bug and then occasionally me.  I am DONE with it all.  There is also the hassle of trying to leave the home.  Carrying around a 2 year old in a winter coat while in one yourself is tiring.  Add to that the extra bulk of a pregnancy and you’ve got yourself a problem.  The beginning of the winter was not so bad, but now that I”m starting to get a bit bigger, there is just not enough room for myself, my coat, Bug’s coat and Bug.  And by the time I eventually make it into wherever I’m going, I’m huffing and puffing like a chain-smoker that ran a marathon.  Not a pretty sight people, not a pretty sight.  I am just thankful that it will be warm when I look like a whale.  There is also the fact that I AM TIRED OF THE INSIDE OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to take Bug out, I want to plant my garden, I want to do things outside before the boy arrives!  Bug is finally old enough to completely dig parks and i want to take her there and to let her run and to be in fresh air.  And probably last but not least, my kid arrives when winter is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is enough to make any patient person antsy.  Winter: I am done with you, please leave and let me open my windows and breathe in fresh air again.  PLEASE GO AWAY!


The other thing that seems to be taking up a large part of my thoughts would be the fact that I have only approximately 15 weeks until our boy makes his debut.  In some ways that still seems like alot, but when I really think about it, IT’S NOT!  There is still much organizing to be done, lots of little projects I want to complete and a few choice items to purchase.  But when I really start to think about it, he is going to be here before I know it.  What is strange is that I only have about 2 weeks until I enter my 3rd trimester.  I am still coming to the realization that after I dreamed about this my whole life, I am pregnant, much less in my 3rd trimester!  To me, the 3rd trimester is all about getting the nursery ready (we are ahead of the game on this one), washing little clothes, getting out baby items to find space in our house, etc., etc.  Oh my gosh, that is what I am going to be doing soon!  I feel somewhat prepared, and in some ways, not at all.  Bug is totally ready, thank goodness. She keeps asking if he can come out soon, “I hold him soon, mommy” and all sorts of melt your heart things.  So I guess I had better get my butt in gear and get going if I want to do all this stuff before he is here. 


Next up: my baby wishlist.  Fortunately we don’t need too much stuff, other than clothes (every article of clothing we own is pink), but there are a few things I didn’t have with Bug or that I feel would really come in handy with 2 kids that I have meticulously picked out and been pining over.  What better place to share them than here?????  You know you’re dying with excitement.

Is it possible to feel this much like an old lady at 26?

February 5, 2009

Oh my hips, I cannot even begin to tell you.  I will boldly say that so far in this pregnancy I have been extremely blessed…. absolutely no morning sickness, my boobs never hurt and I haven’t really had any nasty symptoms that others seem to experience frequently.  So I totally know I”m due.  I did have some back problems a few weeks ago, but they seemed to have gone for the most part.  I’m sure it will be back, but for the past week I have been back-pain free.  However, about Tuesday something decided to finally plague me…….my hips.  Oh my goodness gracious, the horrible pain!  I have heard all about the vomiting, the back pain, the ligament stretching and all those other common problems that seem to come about when you’re busy growing a human inside you, but dude, noone tells you that your hips are gonig to feel like you’ve been hiking for 3 days straight ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!  They just ache and ache.  They ache to sit, they ache to stand and they ache more if I try to actually do something that would improve our living conditions such as doing dishes, vacuuming or washing laundry.  I am hoping and praying, praying, praying that this decided to ease up as my back did, but I know not to expect too much. I am quite aware that your hips widen and all those tendons and ligaments do that stretching and loosening thing before you give birth, but um….I’m only 23 1/2 weeks.  So I suppose I expected it more around 35?  Something roundabouts in that time frame?  If my hips are spreading already I’m not gonna fit through a door by the time this boy arrives.  I am just getting used to the idea that I’m pregnant, and here my body is already preparing to evacuate this kid……  I think I’d like him to stay put quite a while longer.  Somebody please tell me that this is temporary and will ease up a bit… good news would be appreciated. 

I’m really not terribly as bothered about this as I act, but it’s the first thing that has been not all sweet smelling roses around here with this pregnancy so I have to make use of the material you know.  Otherwise this blog is going to die completely and totally.  Just trying to entertain y’all…..


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